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In 2014, 79% of our
children and youth
in the Brighten Up
program increased
their reading and/or
mathematics success
by at least one letter
the Brighten Up
After-School Program

Brighten Up is programming designed for school-age children during out-of-school time (OST). The program has three components that work together to improve in-school success. The first component is the Home-School Connection, capitalizing on the proximity of our programs to children's homes. Our OST instructors act as liaisons between school and home, to increase the communication and understanding of the
Village’s approach to raising children. The second component is Homework Habits, which teaches beneficial study skills and techniques to children, as they complete their homework. The third component is called Power Learn. This refers to the project-based learning activities that the children are engaged in, after they complete their homework. Unlike in-school time, the projects are completely initiated by the children, while the academic lessons are infused by the OST instructors.
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