Jordan Johnson
Assistant Project Manager
The NHP Foundation

Jordan Johnson joined the Acquisition and Development team at the Foundation in 2015. As an affordable housing real estate professional, Mr. Johnson specializes in the key areas of predevelopment, construction, development and asset management. During his tenure at NHPF, Mr. Johnson has been responsible for managing recapitalization and supplemental loans in excess of $16 million for construction. Mr. Johnson has also prepared and submitted Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program applications, as well as tax credit applications in New York, Illinois and Massachusetts.

Mr. Johnson has been an instrumental member of the development team. Mr. Johnson’s resourceful management of construction budgets has led to significant project cost savings, providing additional capital funds which have been used to address critical structural property needs.

Prior to joining The Foundation, Mr. Johnson demonstrated his unique set of skills as he managed more than $80 million in new construction and modular and adaptive reuse projects throughout New England. Mr. Johnson’s additional experience as a construction site superintendent, assistant construction manager and asset manager has led to his multifaceted success as a development project manager; overseeing several of these roles on the same projects and multiple projects simultaneously. While participating in development from conception through asset management, Mr. Johnson became familiar with the compliance and administration of a variety of funding requirements. He received a B.A. from Indiana University and an M.B.A. from Brandeis University.