the NHP FOUNDATION Preserves
afforable housing in New York

Plaza Borinquen
88 Townhomes
Affordable Housing in the Mott
Haven Section of the Bronx

Plaza Borinquen 88 Townhomes, at 471 East 137th Street
in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, is an 88-unit affordable
townhome community purchased by The NHP Foundation in 2012
to preserve affordable housing in New York City. We have just
completed a $25 million transaction, which included $6.6 million in
deep repair and major renovations to this unique property, which is
remarkable for providing 52 four-bedroom units.

Total cost
$ 25,400,000

Plaza Borinquen 88 is comprised of 52 four-bedroom units, 4 three- bedroom units, 16 two-bedroom units, and 16 one-bedroom units.
100% of the units are for families at/below 60% AMI..

Secured financing and funding for this project included:

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NHPF’s diverse income and rent structure provides housing for a range of households from low to moderate income. Notwithstanding income levels, the same level of amenities and access to our services is offered to all residents.

Plaza Borinquen 88 Townhomes is just one example of how NHPF’s commitment to affordable housing has helped American families. For more information on NHPF’s properties, please visit