We had a couple come into our community center to have their taxes done. We didn’t get off to a good start because they were very upset due to their current situation. They had been living in a homeless shelter for over two years. They did not own a car and had to rely on others to help them get around. They came in without an appointment, requesting our help in getting their taxes done, because they had no money to go elsewhere. Our director greeted them with a smile, sat down with them, and talked with them for over an hour.

The couple needed to have six years of taxes prepared starting in 2003 and eventually received a refund for $12,272.00. The husband had been denied for social security disability. The director encouraged him to appeal the decision. She was also able to help them leave the homeless shelter by partnering with the Bucks County Housing Group to get them approved for transitional housing. After six months of being there, the husband was approved for his disability. The couple were then able to save enough money to purchase a used car and to move into an apartment of their own.

The couple is currently enrolled in the Bucks County Housing Groups Financial Literacy program to help them learn budgeting, savings, and credit repair. We trust that this will lead to a long term solution to any new challenges that they may face. As I stated earlier, helping people makes a good day. This was a very good day.

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