Background & Commitment

For over three decades, NHPF has provided affordable housing to families and seniors.

Since our founding in 1989, NHPF has realized extraordinary achievements in the preservation and creation of value-added affordable housing, and is excited to move forward in the decades to come. Incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, NHPF operates with both a charitable mission and business-like financial discipline. Our track record from the beginning has led to the preservation of over 18,215 affordable housing units.

Building on that foundation, we currently serve more than 41,003 residents on 61 properties, providing nearly 10,354 affordable housing units in 16 states and the District of Columbia.

Over time, NHPF has earned a reputation for solid accomplishments in:

  • Affordable Housing, delivering shelter in the form of strong communities that are inclusive, clean, safe, and green;
  • Forward Thinking, creating a $300 million equity fund for the acquisition of properties to be redeveloped and preserved as tax credit properties;
  • Collaboration, proudly standing as one of 12 founding not-for-profits forming the Housing Partnership Equity Trust, an $80 million Private Real Estate Investment Trust for the acquisition and preservation of affordable housing;
  • Expanding the Portfolio through “firsts” including NHPF’s first scatter-site acquisition, Hollander Ridge, in a high-opportunity neighborhood with many amenities matching those found in for-sale properties;
  • Industry Leadership, producing six highly successful Symposia tackling critical affordable housing issues via panel discussions, presentations and opportunities for those from our industry as well as policymakers, advocates, healthcare leaders and others to engage and forge new relationships;
  • Solid Community Partnerships, offering, through The NHPF Affiliate Program, our development, financial, asset management, resident services, and fundraising support to local housing not-for-profits facing financial and organizational challenges. We also partner with state housing agencies, helping them preserve properties in their portfolios as well as develop land they own into new affordable housing;
  • Effective Resident Services, our subsidiary Operation Pathways, Inc. was selected as the first Certified Organization for Resident Engagement & Services (CORES) which recognizes organizations that have “developed a robust commitment, capacity, and competency in providing resident services coordination in affordable rental housing.”
  • Measurable Results, producing and tracking outcome-based programs and services and continuously seeking the best results for our residents.