Strengths & Beliefs


  • A thorough knowledge of real estate fundamentals
  • An understanding of resident needs
  • A quarter-century of affordable housing investment and development experience
  • An expert, in-house team of professionals capable of comprehensively evaluating the multitude of factors that goes into successful investment decisions
  • Staff leaders experienced in both for-profit and nonprofit real estate
  • A strong capacity to develop tailored resident services programs for each new property acquisition
  • Support from an Investment Committee composed of seasoned members of our Board of Trustees
  • A business model that combines a charitable mission with the management and financial discipline of a for-profit enterprise


  • The dignity of our residents
  • The value of safe, clean, functional housing that is affordable to low and moderate income residents
  • The inclusion of comprehensive resident services, providing important support for residents of all ages, building communities, and stabilizing occupancy
  • Green, sustainable living environments that are both economical for our residents and environmentally responsible
  • Providing opportunities for continuing education and sharing viewpoints within the affordable housing eco-system
  • The strong advocacy work of organizations that strive for continued legislative support of affordable housing
  • Leveraging a wide variety of available funding sources to continue to create and preserve affordable housing for years to come