Enriching Lives

NHPF’s commitment and mission to preserve affordable housing is not realized through bricks and mortar alone, but in union with programs and services offered to residents. Residents in NHPF communities have access to a wide variety of educational, health, and enrichment programming through Operation Pathways, a subsidiary of NHPF. For detailed information, please visit www.operationpathways.org

Operation Pathways, Inc. has been selected as the first Certified Organization for Resident Engagement & Services (CORES) by the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF). The CORES Certification recognizes organizations that have “developed a robust commitment, capacity, and competency in providing resident services coordination in affordable rental housing.”

The CORES Certification recognizes Operation Pathways’ development and implementation of a systematic framework and approach to resident services coordination. CORES Certification is one requirement (among others) in order for an owner of multifamily affordable housing to qualify for Fannie Mae™ Healthy Housing Rewards Enhanced Resident Services™ financing incentives.

Impactful: We develop and implement outcomes-based programming that measures success by monitoring the positive changes in behavior or increased knowledge and skill levels of our participants.

Operation Pathways’ successful approach to delivering high-quality programs is based upon our philosophy of program delivery that is:

Innovative: We believe that it is our responsibility to create powerful learning experiences in dynamic settings to engage participants in meaningful and effective programs and services.

In-House: We offer programming that capitalizes on the proximity of our community centers to the homes of our participants. Programs are created and implemented based on the particular local needs and service gaps.

Our Leadership Team ensures that our residents lead more rewarding lives via onsite activities and involvement designed to improve emotional and physical well-being.

KEVIN LEWIS KEVIN LEWIS Assistant Vice President, Resident Services & Deputy Executive Director, Operation Pathways
INEZ C. DOUGLAS INEZ C. DOUGLAS Manager, Operations, Operation Pathways
REBECCA ELY REBECCA ELY Director of Resource Development, Operation Pathways
EBONY JOHNSON EBONY JOHNSON Metro DC Regional Manager & Lead Trainer for Family-Centered Coaching
TIFFANY MARTINEZ TIFFANY MARTINEZ South / Central Regional Manager & Lead Trainer for Family-Centered Coaching