Thought Leadership

“I want to applaud The NHP Foundation for providing the thought leadership needed at this time in the affordable housing industry,” Jason Helgerson, Former Medicaid Director, New York.

NHPF’s thought leadership program consistently uncovers industry trends and provides journalists with source material to write about affordable housing today and in the future. The program tackles issues impacting the affordable housing industry directly as well as our partners who interact with the space—political, philanthropic, academic, financial, and more.

Our ongoing consumer survey series has accumulated data from nearly 10,000 participants and is often cited in major articles and interviews. Our thought leadership program also includes NHPF-authored articles appearing in publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Hill in addition to award-winning events, and important marketing pieces from annual reports to brochures

The department captures NHPF expertise and distills it into content with a unique perspective to be shared with audiences that can make a difference. This unique perspective is best captured by The NHP Foundation’s highly anticipated annual Symposia:

The NHP Foundation’s Annual Symposiums