Benning Heights

Affordable Housing in Washington, DC

In Washington, DC the Benning Heights Tenants Association (BHA) found that their building was being sold. The market price for the property would likely make rents unaffordable. Using the powers afforded them under the District of Columbia’s TOPA, BHTA partnered with NHPF to have the market-based purchase contract assigned to them and acquire the property. Benning Heights Apartments is a 148-unit all brick, garden style walkup apartment community. The property is made up of one-, two- and three-bedroom units, spread over 24, two-story buildings. Amenities at this community include central air conditioning, garbage disposals, on-site laundry facility, playground, on-site security, of-street parking, and convenient public transportation. Benning Heights is located just minutes from DC’s public transportation system making it an ideal home for commuters

otal Cost


BHTA found that their building suffered from years of deferred maintenance and other capital needs unaddressed by the previous owner. BHTA and NHPF are undertaking a comprehensive rehabilitation of the property with low income housing tax credits as well as subsidies provided by DC Government.

Secured financing and funding or this redevelopment project included:

$13,230,000Citibank Tax Exempt Loan
$10,530,000LIHTC Equity
$2,740,908Mark to Market Note
$5,012,387DC DHCD Soft Money
$300,000Interim Income
$416,009Existing Reserves

Total Cost


Benning Heights Apartments is comprised of 54 one-bedroom units, 84 two-bedroom units, and 10 three-bedroom units. The Property is covered 100% by a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Assistance Payment Contract that will run for 19 years. The Property also has a HUD owned Mortgage Restructuring Note on it from its redevelopment in 1984.

Secured financing and funding or this project included:

$3,128,829HUD Mortgage Restructuring Note
$290,580DHCD Loan
$307,869NHPF Equity