Assistant Vice President, Resident Services & Deputy Executive Director, Operation Pathways

In his role with Operation Pathways, Kevin oversees the development and execution of programs, services, and key stakeholder relationships across the NHPF portfolio. This includes the cultivation, maintenance and evaluation of third-party collaborations, portfolio-wide program initiatives, grant-funded programs, and partnerships. He is responsible for ensuring the fidelity and measured impact of programming across the resident services portfolio. Kevin supports staff in budget planning and implementation, grant writing and fund development activities, and through providing professional development and coaching. Additionally, he manages the on-site program evaluation process, negotiates third-party contracts, and provides guidance and supports to partners as needed. Kevin plays a key role in ongoing communication with our property management partners, and the NHPF development and asset management teams. He supports the executive director with new acquisitions and/or real estate development tasks by creating resident services plans, developing community spaces, and projecting associated costs. Kevin serves as Operation Pathways’ principal executive leader in the executive director’s absence.