The Covent Apartments

Affordable Living in Downtown Chicago, Illinois

Built in 1904, The Covent Apartments is located in the Park West neighborhood of Lincoln Park. Its single room occupancy (SRO) units have been merged and upgraded to include kitchenettes and private bathrooms. The building’s common areas are enhanced, and a new rental program for The Covent Apartments retail space is underway, adding to the neighborhood’s diverse shopping opportunities, including Trader Joe’s and City Target. Frequent bus service on the Brown and Purple Lines is nearby on Clark and Diversey.

The Covent Apartments once included a significant theater and the building has been recognized by the Theater Historical Society of America.

In the Fall of 2023, The NHP Foundation completed a substantial rehabilitation of The Covent Apartments. Construction at the property has produced 30 new apartments with bathrooms and kitchens creating contemporary studio apartments for residents. The Covent’s conversion from Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotel to a modern studio apartment building grants residents more privacy while preserving Covent’s affordability for another generation of Lincoln Park residents.

The community features:
• 30 Units with Upgraded Kitchenettes & Private Bathrooms
• Proximity to Lincoln Park
• Diverse Neighborhood Retail Options
• Close to City-wide Public Transportation Access
Operation Pathways Programs & Services

First Floor Apartments
First Floor Apartments
Commercial Space
Commercial Space