Ashley Adonis uses Family-Centered Coaching Principles to Achieve Major Goal

Ashley Adonis, a resident at Bayview Towers in Stamford, CT, met his Family-Centered Coaching goal in 2022 and we applaud him. Ashley worked with Tsani, an RSC at the property via Operation Pathways’ much-lauded Family-Centered Coaching model developed by The Prosperity Agenda with the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation works to meet the interconnected needs and desires of a participant’s life while working to dismantle educational disparities, underemployment, health care, financial literacy, food access, neighborhood safety, and more.

Ashley, a high school student, began his journey with Tsani when he applied for Operation Pathways’ affordable housing Summer Internship Program in the summer of 2022. The program offers four internships to teenagers and young adults in our communities: Affordable Housing Internship, Property Management Internship, Professional Communications Virtual Internship, and a Makerspace Internship (Bayview Towers). 91% of participants believe they are better prepared to achieve their future educational, career, and personal goals because of the Internship Program. In addition to gaining work experience, interns partner with a coach to help develop their professional and financial skills. Program offerings included personal finance, career planning, resume writing, and interviewing skills classes.

Because Ashley’s grades had dropped during the previous semester, Ashley’s mom would not allow him to accept the job since she was worried he would not get into college. So, although Ashley didn’t become an intern at that time, he did work with Tsani to set a goal to get accepted to college. Together, using Family-Centered Coaching principles, they devised a plan to make it happen. After attending summer tutoring and making sure his first two semester grades were good,Ashley was accepted to the University of Connecticut.

Where Ashley Adonis lives matters.

Bayview Towers, Stamford, Connecticut