Gertrude, a resident in one of our senior properties, told Linnea, the resident services coordinator at The Mark Twain in Chicago, that she needed help getting her identification back, as she had lost her wallet. Linnea helped Gertrude understand what documentation she needed to bring to the DMV and advocated on her behalf when her bank failed to provide her with the proper document. Unfortunately, when Gertrude went to the DMV, all documentation in hand, she was still rejected since she had lost her green card as well and was not able to prove residency. Gertrude felt like giving up but, thankfully, Linnea referred her to legal aid, who helped her fill out an application for a duplicate green card, and apply for financial assistance for the application fee.

As she aged, Gertrude had a difficult time keeping track of paperwork and traveling to appointments by herself. Linnea identified a service to assist Gertrude with transportation. Gertrude told resident services that a huge weight had been lifted off of her, as she no longer had to face problems all alone and was grateful for the assistance.

Where Gertrude lives matters.

The Mark Twain, Chicago, Illinois