Laura has been a resident at Forest Park in New Orleans, Louisiana for a little over two years. She had been working at Wendy’s part-time but was unhappy due to the lack of hours. She saw the flyer for an upcoming job fair that Operation Pathways was promoting, and decided to participate to try out a mock interview and have a professional resume created. She even took home practice interview questions to do with her fiancé.

To boost her confidence, Tiffany, the resident services coordinator, helped Laura with her interview the day of the job fair. Laura was hired on the spot at the job fair for a hostess position at a new restaurant. Though she is still making $7.25 per hour, there is room for promotion in this position. Laura gets more hours a week (thereby increasing her take-home pay) and says that she is happy with this job and enjoys the positive workplace.

Where Laura lives matters.

Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana