Leshada Stewart & The Strand Residences

This quarter, Leshada Stewart moved into her beautiful new apartment in the Strand Residences in Washington, DC. Leshada is a single mother with a 6-month old baby who had been waiting for this moment for almost a year; she thought, at times, it might never happen. When she entered the new unit, she was overjoyed, jumping and running around saying “This is great and thank you, God.” A very great moment, indeed.

In addition to the 86 units, the Strand Residences feature a large multi-purpose room, exercise room, and on-site resident services provided by NHPF’s subsidiary, Operation Pathways. The first floor includes retail space for a neighborhood non-profit and a community-based retailer.

The Residences include 71 one-bedroom apartments and 15 two-bedroom units. The 28 LRSP units will be rented to residents who earn less than 30% AMI and will be reserved for residents relocating from the nearby Lincoln Heights and Richardson Dwellings properties.

Where Leshada Stewart lives matters.

The Strand Residences, Washington, DC