Mr. Charles

All through the year of COVID-19, Mr. Charles has found ways to give back to his community at Forest Park. During the 2020 election, Mr. Charles used his own car to take neighbors who did not have transportation to the polls. In total, he chauffeured 18 community members throughout early voting days all the way to Election Day. Community members self-reported that if it hadn’t been for the kindness and generosity exhibited by Mr. Charles, they probably would not have voted this year. Enabling them to get to the polls enabled residents to have their voices heard in this important election. Mr. Charles continued to demonstrate community involvement and caring by volunteering to be resident Santa this holiday season.

Though children were not able to take a picture directly with Santa, Mr. and Mrs. Claus were present to wave,  offer air high-fives, and have masked conversations with the children. This small gesture brought special holiday cheer and a sense of normalcy to the Forest Park community. Through these actions, Mr. Charles showed that no matter your age or economic status, community members can rise to community leaders.

Where Mr. Charles lives matters.

Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana