RSC Andrea Richard launches young women’s wellness program

Andrea Richard, the RSC at both Anacostia Gardens and Benning Heights, had a brainstorm. As she got better acquainted with the preteen girls living in both communities, Andrea sensed a need to provide a gathering place where the young women could receive education and engage in meaningful conversation on topics like personal empowerment, body awareness, and self care.

Andrea reached out to a few companies in the progressive feminine hygiene space including Aunt Flow, Saalt, and Lhamo Organic pads. All three responded with project funding and sample products. Thus, the Red Tent Gathering was launched. Andrea describes Red Tent as a “community where we provide education for pre-adolescent girls, teenagers, and women.” The program offers space for sharing, creativity outlets, parenting classes, expectant mom support, and rites of passages for our young women. Andrea adds, “I feel like we had a good turnout and look forward to growing this program at both Anacostia Gardens and Benning Heights in 2023.”

The need to provide education, agency, and bodily awareness for the young women of our communities is great and this program is impactful because it connects, educates, and encourages the younger population onsite, including expectant mothers. This rewarding work benefits all the residents of both properties.

Where you live matters.

Anacostia Gardens, Washington, DC
Benning Heights, Washington, DC