Starlet and Family, Forest Park

Starlet and her three children live at Forest Park in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two of her children attend Forest Park’s summer camps and Starlet often volunteers during community events. She reached out to her RSC Tiffany in March because she was frustrated because of difficulties she was experiencing receiving her SNAP benefits.  

Using Family-Centered coaching skills including asking powerful questions and reflective listening during a conversation, Tiffany worked with Starlet to complete her online SNAP application and receive the benefits due to her and her family.

Soon Starlet was approved for $107 in benefits which seemed low for her household. By working together the two discovered that Starlet’s rent had gone up by $25, starting in April and she had not accounted for that or her car payment when filling out the application.

Tiffany then encouraged Starlet to advocate for her family and call DCFS and see if there was anything she could do. The DCFS agent recommended she make changes on her application and noted in the system they would re-assess soon. Starlet and Tiffany worked as a team to update her application and she received notification shortly thereafter that her SNAP benefits increased to $386 for her family.

Starlet is working to reach her financial stability goal, and is encouraged that she has met her urgent financial need of acquiring food and stable housing for her family. Since this goal has been met, Tiffany texted Starlet a Monthly Budget sheet for her to work from on her own. Tiffany and Starlet are now engaging in weekly financial coaching check-ins, to continue her financial stability journey.

Starlet is always on time and pays her full rent amount monthly, so this month’s dip into her rent payment to pay for food for her family was a concern. However, her confirmed SNAP application and the amount she will now receive has assured her that she will be able to afford food for her family and continue to pay her rent in full each month.

Where Starlet and her three children live matters.

Forest Park, New Orleans, Louisiana